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Hey Loves!! So after watching a few YouTube videos, I got this crazy idea in my head that I could start making my own wigs…Crazy Right?! WRONG!! This was the best idea ever especially because I LOVE WIGS!! They are so convenient and make it easy to manage your hair underneath. Not to mention, there is literally a tutorial to help you learn anything these days. After watching a few more videos and actually practicing making a couple wigs, I figured I would share a few tips I picked up along the way, newbie to newbie.

For those out there that are interested in making wigs here are my top 3 tips to help you get started:

1. Be Prepared.
This one seems like a bit of a no-brainer, but I have even seen the youtubers posting videos, where they run out of hair or don’t, have a good setup. Get a mannequin stand! I was so annoyed watching someone try to do a video with the mannequin between their legs.
Here are some of the typical items you need to get started:
Hair (duhhhhh)- make sure you have enough hair, this is going to depend on the lengths you choose and if you are using a closure, frontal or nothing at all. Just make sure to do your research. You can purchase your hair needs from Selfie Hair Company here.
Mannequin head– generally a foam head or canvas head.
Weaving Thread
“C” Weaving Needles– I recommend having multiples (like 4-5) and threading them ahead of time so you don’t have to keep stopping to re-thread the needle.
Mannequin Stand
Dome Cap or Wig Cap– Whichever you prefer, I like the dome caps

Depending on the videos you watch you may some additions to this list, but this is generally whats needed.

2. Measure your Head.
You are creating a custom wig for you! Make sure you are ensuring that the wig you are making will fit your head perfectly. A trick I picked up from a video is to try on your dome cap then measure and mark along the cap where they meet with a white eye pencil. This will help create a roadmap for you and ensure your wig fits perfectly.

3. Its okay to do your own thing.
I would strongly recommend watching a few videos so that you are pretty comfortable with the process. As a newbie, generally, you are going to want to play it safe and do what the YouTubers are doing step by step. While this may work for some, I quickly found that I liked one person’s sewing technique and another person’s sewing pattern. There were also things that I did not want to do that were done in the videos such as bleaching your knots and cutting your wefts. I totally understand the purpose of doing both of these things but decided against it for my first go-round. Not to mention I heard several comments in the videos about mistakes made if knots aren’t bleached properly which resulted in ruining the hair. You can also reuse the hair easier if you don’t cut up the wefts.

I took the methods I liked from each video, and I made my own process that worked for me and gave me the desired outcome I was looking for. Guess what…it turned out GREAT!! So be confident in your decisions, shoot ya shot and if you miss, you can always try again.

And those are my tips. Any tips you want to add? Comment below.

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