Weave is MY Super Power!

 In Hair Extensions

I have loved weave since before I can remember, and I have come to the real life conclusion that weave is my superpower. Now I don’t mean that in the sense that it can give me super strength, the ability to fly, or even defend against bad guys but for me, weave gives me a an unexplainable super power that has me all the way to together and ready for anything.  Like my level of confidence is through the roof, and I am seriously ready for any and every situation. This could range from coming to the rescue to save a hair emergency, completing my look for an important event or even providing protective styling to keep my hair healthy. Hair is life and weave is the ultimate superpower!

Like you ever feel like your outfit just won’t pop until your hair is right? Insert weave and BOOM it’s a photo op. Or how about when your hair is a mess (I’m talkin untamed fro from the sew-in you just took down or your hair just is not cooperating with the weather) and you have tons of stuff to do. Throw that wig on and BAM you are ready for the day. The convenience of wigs is everything!!!

Don’t even get me started on clips ins, faux buns and locs, braids…oh the list definitely goes on.  Just know weave has been saving lives since the beginning of time.

I love the ability to switch up my style from one day to the next with weave. You can literally rock your go-to natural wavy look to work on Friday, by Friday night switch it up to the bob with the purple highlights for happy hour and be deep wave/curly on the beach for Saturday brunch. Possibilities are endless and you can literally be whoever you want to be at any moment. Whether its the sexy librarian look you want, the party girl popping bottles at the club or the singer in the church choir, there’s a weave for that.

Now let’s be clear, I am very self-confident and certainly don’t need weave, but I certainly enjoy it and will continue to use it personally and professionally as I help others let weave come to the rescue for them. #theplug.

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